Happy 4/20 Everyone. It’s been a while… remember that flub psilocybin trip from 2019? here’s an encore Well, it kicked off quite a few things… Like a…

May 2020

Sex and Cannabis + Why and What is Cannabis Lubrication: with Devan Anthony, Luminous Botanicals

March 2020

Hi, it’s Nina. COVID-19 has clearly upended the world as we know it. The gravity of the situation is weighing on me, as are the new realities we’re…

January 2020

With John Bayes, Green Bodhi

December 2019

by Nina 🍄

November 2019

with Anthony Néron, DuChanvre
The Class with Founder Taryn Toomey

October 2019

with Adie Rae PhD and Alice Moon
with Joa Helms from Green House

September 2019

with Nathan and Aaron Howard 🌱

August 2019

with Lizzie Post 🌱
with Steve DeAngelo