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Sex and Cannabis + Why and What is Cannabis Lubrication: with Devan Anthony, Luminous Botanicals


I showed him a part of myself that’s rarely seen. He showed me a part of himself that was met with gratitude and appreciation. We traced the energy pathways until giving and receiving became the same. Our eyes connected as we joined in the center, and our souls became one. God said, “This is who you are when you’re ‘as love’ - sex is part of your well-being.” ❤️

Meet Devan Anthony, co-founder of Oregon’s award-winning brand Luminous Botanicals.

Luminous has been mastering tinctures differently with a new approach to ratios of long and medium-chain triglycerides. Meaning: the path of absorption goes through the lymphatic system vs. going through the liver. The end result is a higher absorption rate of cannabinoids and a very smooth, long-lasting effect with an equally subtle exit. The universal tincture is an honest all-in-one edible, topical, and sensual (our wallets thank you). In 2015, Devan and co-founder Sally introduced DEW — a cannabis lubricant line specifically for sensual pleasure and comfort for everyone.


Devan Anthony: Sex on cannabis can be primal and potent. It has the power to shed learned cultural behaviors, spark creativity, and lose inhibition. It welcomes spiritual connection and enhances the delights of embodiment. Orgasms on cannabis? It feels like pleasure consumes the world while simultaneously slowing down time.

I, like many of us, spend too much time staring at the constant stream of anxieties on my pocket-streaming machine. When I lay down for sleep, I feel mentally exhausted, my awareness is outside of my body, and I’m not always interested in sex. 

However, after my partner and I share puffs of cannabis, my mind relaxes, and my thoughts settle into the present. I come back into my body, and I feel ripples of warm energy flowing through me. This feeling isn’t inherently sexual, but it is pleasurable, and then…I start thinking about her body lying beside me. Soon, she is irresistible, and I am alive again.


DA: We should each have some understanding of our personal cannabis preferences before expecting to reach sex-goddess nirvana. What makes you feel playful and talkative might make me feel like I’m soaring into another dimension of reality. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cannabis lube, edible, vape, bowl, dab, joint - they’re all going to affect each of us differently. It takes some experimentation to develop an understanding of what dose is right for each environment, including the bedroom.

Edibles can get you there, however they take time to kick in, so this approach to the cannabis-enhanced bedroom takes a bit more consideration as proper dosing and timing can be a challenge.

A battery-powered flower vaporizer is a great option. Preload the device before you get into bed and then it’s just that easy.

I frequently take Meadow blend of our Universal Cannabis Tonic (a balanced THC/CBD tincture) at bedtime. I’m mostly taking it for deep sleep support and to keep a small amount of cannabinoids circulating in my system for pain relief [Ed.: Devan’s medical cannabis journey began while fiddling with cannabis recipes after experiencing a back injury]. Following, my partner and I tend to use the same product/strain as we share a similar sensitivity to cannabinoids and are in sync in this way.


DA: Cannabis lubricants with a variety of THC and CBD concentrations can enhance our sex lives in multiple ways.

A high-THC cannabis lubricant can make orgasms feel stronger and more full for people of any gender.

Many women report turning on and being able to orgasm more easily. Women also report heightened pleasure while using THC lube for solo play. 

For anyone that experiences physical pain or discomfort during or after penetrative intercourse (vaginal or anal), a cannabis lubricant with CBD can be life-changing. The CBD helps to release muscle tension and soothe inflamed tissue, making sex enjoyable for people who struggle with health conditions that make sex painful.

Some men find THC lubricant to be too stimulating and have trouble holding back their orgasm. For these men, using a lubricant that is CBD dominant might be a better option, as some find that the CBD can reduce the intensity, making it easier to last longer.

Another use for cannabis lubricant is moon cycle support. We hear astonishingly positive feedback from women that apply our cannabis oils to tampons or menstrual cups to help with menstrual cramping.

For women that are experiencing menopause, hormonal changes can reduce libido and vaginal moistness. Cannabinoid lubricants can be a revelation, reintroducing lubrication and rekindling the sexual spark.


DA: Application of a cannabis lubricant during foreplay with a partner, or solo play is part of the fun. You’ll want to gently massage a small amount of lubricant into your and/or your partner’s most sensitive areas—clitoris, vulva, or the glans of the penis. The cannabinoids will take a few minutes to absorb and take effect. 


DA: Oral sex can be delightful when using a cannabis lubricant if the lubricant is edible! An edible lubricant opens up creative options for bedroom play, making it easy to switch back and forth between oral and penetrative sex without worry about getting non-edible lube in your mouth. Of course, any time you are putting THC in your mouth, there is a chance that you’ll catch a buzz.

If your cannabis lubricant is not edible, you’ll need to be careful about sequencing your bedroom play so that you don’t end up ingesting any of it.


DA: A cannabis lubricant with both THC and CBD can be beneficial for the anal sex recipient. Receiving anal sex can sometimes be painful, either during sex or afterward. CBD helps muscles to relax to make receiving easier, and the THC helps soothe any irritation or discomfort afterward.


DA: Most cannabis lubricants are oil-based and, like any oil-based lubricant, will degrade latex condoms. Condoms made from polyurethane, lambskin, and polyisoprene are widely available alternatives to latex that are compatible with oil.

Some people might be sensitive or allergic to a cannabis lubricant (or any lubricant for that matter), and having a reaction on your genitals is an unpleasant way to find out! Test for sensitivity first by applying a small amount to the thin skin on the inside of your elbow. If you experience any redness or irritation, wash off with soap and warm water and discontinue use. 

It is important to acknowledge that cannabis is inebriating. Someone who has taken too much cannabis might feel disoriented and could have difficulty clearly giving or denying their consent to participate in sex or a particular sex act. It’s best to mix sex and cannabis with people that you know and trust and to talk together before getting high about your boundaries in the bedroom.


DA: Women of all ages and sexual orientation and gay men. Straight men, to overgeneralize, seem less interested, though I think they are missing out


DA: We make two edible lubricant blends: Pleasure and Comfort.

Pleasure is our THC dominant blend. Comfort is our balanced THC/CBD blend.

DEW is made with 100% third-party certified organic ingredients, including Sun+Earth Certified cannabis flower, and all ingredients are edible. DEW smells (and tastes) delicious, with just a hint of spice and vanilla. 

We also make a versatile tincture line called Universal Cannabis Tonic that can be used as a precisely dosed edible, topical, or sensual lubricant. The Tonic line has three blends, two of which are identical to DEW’s Pleasure and Comfort blends in cannabinoid potency and efficacy. DEW is more convenient to use in the bedroom, as it comes in a small pump bottle whereas the Tonic comes in a tincture bottle with a dropper, so we generally recommend choosing DEW for bedroom use over the Tonic to avoid spills. One exception is for men that suffer from premature ejaculation. For these men, we recommend the Earth blend of our Universal Cannabis Tonic, which is CBD dominant with just a hint of THC. The CBD reduces sensitivity without numbing. 


DA: I enjoy getting high solo and using cannabis to access a unitive state of mind.


DA: Cannabis helped me to develop a personal understanding of spirituality rooted in consciousness and the direct experience of presence. I grew up non-religious, but as a young adult felt disconnected and uninspired. Cannabis showed me what was staring me in the face but that I had been conditioned to not see – that this present moment is what is real and that consciousness is miraculous and worth preserving. Cannabis expanded my sense of self from being focused on just my individual needs to the needs of our species and the living planet. When I shift my consciousness to connect with a larger sense of self, clarity, and insight naturally arise. I reflect on the challenges of my creative life, my interpersonal relationships, my business, and of the world at large, and when I return to my individuated self I feel peaceful and inspired.


…an ancient human ally that offers us the gifts of reconnection to ourselves, our loved ones, and our living planet

Thank you Devan Anthony 🌱

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